You probably have seen Audrey Daniels jewelry in your favorite boutique or catalog in the US and countries (Germany, France, the Carribean, Australia and Japan) around the world...

You may have recognized Audrey's unique sense of style and color in her designs on other women. You may have witnessed sitings of Audrey Daniels jewelry in national magazines ( W magazine, Accessories Magazine, Essence, BBW), nationwide newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Boston Globe and Women's Wear Daily), films (When A Man Loves a Woman) and television shows (Nash Bridges, Mother's Day -TV special, "Celebrities and their Moms"- on Bill Cosby's mother) and on celebrities (Jennifer Lopez when she was a fly girl on "In Living Color").

You may have seen custom collections which Audrey has designed for internationally known fashion designers. Or you, yourself may have been stopped on the street and asked, " Is that an Audrey Daniels or where can I find an Audrey Daniels?" Audrey seeks the unusual so that you can make your own personal statement.

"I look for rare but not endangered stones and beads from every corner of the world. I relish working with color, shapes and cuts and putting them together in unexpected combinations. I buy what inspires me and then play in my studio with new purchases and items which I have collected over many years in business"

Audrey's motto is a flow of positive energy. Her intent is to make jewelry which makes a woman feel good. Her designs are more than adornment, each is titled with a wish. Simply put, wear your wish, believe in it and see it come true.

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